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Westward Ho! Part 2

Day 3
Everyone had to go back to work/school today. Lori and Anna woke me up around 6:45 so I could say good-bye to Anna before she went to school. I got up around 7:15 and made sure I had everything packed-up. Lori left around 8:00 and Tom took Amy and Alex to the bus stop. Then Tom came back to get me and took me to Grandma and Grandpa's for the morning.

When I got to Grandma and Grandpa's, Grandpa was at a doctor's appointment, so I sat outside and chatted with Grandma for a little while. Then I went inside to take a shower. After my shower Grandpa was back from his doctor's appointment and we hung out for a little while. Around 10:15 we headed into Phoenix, so I could meet Becca, a friend from college, for lunch. We found her office without too much trouble and I called to let her know I was there. She greeted me, then set me up in the waiting area while she finished up a meeting. Becca introduced me to her friend Cassandra, who joined us for lunch. They took me to a BBQ place with very good BBQ! Then we went back to the office where Becca showed me around and we picked up my suitcase. Cassandra was nice enough to give me a ride to the airport.

I was at the airport with plenty of time to spare. I found my gate and settled in to read for awhile. The plane was very small and I had to walk outside on the tarmac to board. It was a quick flight to LAX. After landing I picked up my bag at the baggage claim and went outside to wait for the the Van Nuys FlyAway, the bus that would take me to a station close to my dad's house. Once on the bus I called my dad to let him know I was on my way. He asked me to call him again when the bus passed the 101. I did and left him a message. At the FlyAway station I paid for my trip and met up with dad.

I had been told by Lori that dad had a fancy new sports car. That sports car turned out to be a Nissan Z. It was a fun ride home. Once at home, Marie, my stepmom, introduced me to their new dog. My sister, Serena, is volunteering at an animal shelter and fell in love with this little girl. The dog is an adorable Yorkie mix. Marie started making dessert for the next night and gave me a quick tour of the house. They moved a few years ago, but I had not made it out to CA until now to see the new house. As always the house is beautifully decorated. We went to pick Serena up at the shelter and to dinner at nice italian restaurant. At dinner we discussed what to name the dog, but were unable to agree. After dinner we went home and talked for a while before going to bed, it was also finally decided the dog would be called Izzie.

Day 4
I got up around 8:30 and came downstairs to check my email. When dad came down we talked for a bit, then I went upstairs to shower. We spent the day just hanging out with each other and playing with the dog. I had my left-overs from the restaurant the night before for lunch. We went to Dad's office where he checked his mail and messages. Then we took a trip to Best Buy to look at memory for an old laptop Dad wants to use to check email when downstairs. We determined the memory was more than he wanted to spend and a sales associate suggested we try Crucial.com.

Back at home we ordered the memory from Crucial.com. Then we changed into our swimming suits and sat in the hottub for a while. We took a quick swim in the pool, but the water was pretty cold and we went back to the spa pretty quickly.

We went back inside around 6:00 and Marie came home from work. Dad went upstairs to shower and get ready for the class he goes to on Wednesday nights. Marie got started on dinner. After Dad left, Marie and I went to pick Serena up at the shelter. Marie continued to work on dinner and Serena played with Izzie. Dad called to say his class ended early and he was on his way home. Dinner was fantastic, as was dessert, a frozen pie with an Oreo crust and a whipped cream/strawberry filling. Yum! After dinner dad and I sat in the family room to watch the Lakers (dad's favorite team) play the Suns. Actually I only half watched, as I was also typing this entry. Tomorrow I will be getting up very early (4:30!) so dad can take me to catch the FlyAway back to LAX where I will begin my journey home to Indy.
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Westward Ho!

For those who don't know I am in AZ visiting my Aunt Lori and her family for my youngest cousin's First Communion. I figured I would actually make some entries about my trip. Oh the shock!

Day 1

They day started normally enough, I got up, took a shower, and took care of some last minute packing. Brian was going to take me to my mom's house on his way to Louisville for some Bemani event. We eventually left the house around 9:15. We had made it to downtown Noblesville before I realized that I had forgotten to pack my bathing suit. So we turned around and picked it up. After a quick stop at the bank we were on our way to my mom's. Once at my mom's Brian hung around for a few minutes, then headed home. He had a few things he needed to finish up before he could head down to Louisville.

I called a place called Beauty First to see about getting pedicures for my mom and I. I wanted to have pretty feet for my trip since I would be wearing sandals most of the time. The were able to fit us in at 11:00 and 12:00. After a quick bit to eat we left for our appointments. We put all my stuff in the car just in case we needed to leave for the airport right from out appointments. Everything went smoothly there, and we even got done early. We headed back to mom's house so I could borrow her camera (I figured Brian would want to take ours with him to Louisville). Then it was off to the airport. At the airport mom dropped me off at the curb. I checked my suitcase there since I had already checked-in online and had a boarding pass.

I quickly made my way through security and to the gate. Once at the gate I read my book until it was time to board. The plane was delayed by about 15 minutes for an aircraft change. I am not sure what the reason the change was, but I wasn't worried. Turns out I should have been. Due to the 15 minute delay in Indy, I missed my connecting flight out of Denver. So I booked on another flight that was supposed to leave Denver at around 6:00. Unfortunately that plane was also delayed. Apparently this plane went from Chicago to Cabo and was unable to land due to bad weather, so it was rerouted to somewhere in TX to refuel and wait for the weather in Cabo to clear. Since it was a couple hours late arriving in Cabo, consequently it was late leaving Cabo and arriving in Denver. Fortunately I got ahold of Lori before she left the house to pick me up and was able to give her the new flight info. I also called people in Indy to let them know what was going on since it would be after midnight (Indy time) when I finally arrive in AZ. The flight from Denver finally took off around 8:20 and I arrived in AZ around 9:30.

Lori had waited for me to arrive before eating dinner. While we waited for dinner Anna, my oldest cousin, beat me soundly at a game of chess. We finally ate around 10:30. After dinner Tom (Lori's husband) got the fire pit going and we all sat under the desert night sky and had s'mores. We eventually went to bed around midnight, which felt like 3:00 am to me.

Day 2
Amy, my middle cousin, woke me around 8:30. I had told her the night before that I wanted her to paint my finger nails so that they looked as nice as my toe nails. Once that was taken care of and they had dried a bit I took a much needed shower. Anna and Amy helped me decide what to wear. My grandparents arrive a little before 10:00 and we left at 10:15. Alex, my youngest cousin, needed to be at the church by 10:30 to get ready. Mass began at 11:30 and went very well. I got a great picture of Alex in the processional. After mass and many pictures we headed home, where we took more pictures. After changing we ate a wonderful breakfast casserole. After brunch grandma and grandpa headed home for the afternoon. They were planning on coming back later in the evening for a cookout.

Lori, Tom, Anna, Amy, and Alex took me on a trip to Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flats. I realize I had been to Tortilla Flats before on a trip with Brian to visit friends who live in the area. After sightseeing we headed home for dinner. Turkey burgers (don't knock it 'til you've tried it!), corn on the cob, fruit salad, and broccoli slaw. Grandma and Grandpa came back around 6:00 and we sat down to eat around 7:00. Wonderful. I was introduced to the beginning of Napoleon Dynamite and played a game of chess with Alex. This time it was my turn to win.

Now everyone is in bed, and I am headed off myself. Tomorrow I will get up with the family as they all get ready for school and work. Tom will drop me at Grandma and Grandpa's on his way to work. After spending the morning with them, they will take me to meet a friend for lunch. She will see me off to the airport, on my way to CA to visit my dad.

Good night!
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Warning: Catty post

Ok, so I have very rarely posted. Mostly because I don't really have anything to say. However, this morning on the radio I heard something I just had to comment on...

When I heard Heather Graham was starring in a new sitcom my first reaction was, "Why?". Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with Heather Graham. I mean she's pretty in your average blond hair/blue eyes way if that's what you're into (*yawn*), and her acting doesn't suck. I actually like her in the movies that I can think of I have seen her in (Boogie Nights, Austin Powers...I know she's done more, and I have probably seen them, but I can't think of any right now.) Then I heard the concept of the show, Emily's Reasons Why Not, and thought, "That sounds really bad! What the heck is she thinking?".

So then Brian and I are watching a recent recording of David Letterman, and Heather Graham is a guest. Shortly after she starts talking I turned to Brian and said, "Is she really that dumb? Or is she really good at faking it?". Sadly as the show went on I had to come to the conclusion she really is that dumb. I was completely unimpressed and disappointed.

Which brings me to what prompted me to actually post. Apparently I was right. The show sucked. But, at least she got one episode on the air before ABC pulled it. From what I heard it will be replaced by Bachelor reruns (ouch!).

Anyway, the report brought a smile to my face and I had to share! Have a good day everyone!
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That'll teach me

I noted on Saturday night that I would need to get cat food today as we were running low. I could not just get any old cat food from the store as our wonderful beast requires prescription cat food that I have to get from the vet. So last night I scraped the bottom of the bin, not even a full serving, but it would have to do.

Sure enough, around 3:00 this morning, Widget decided to let us know he was hungry. Over the course of the next three hours he would periodically come into our room and yowl for about 15-20 minutes. So much for a good nights rest before Monday morning.

Unfortunately I was going to have to come straight home from work to wait on a phone call. So, if the call came early enough I could go back out to get the food, or Brian could go out of his way to pick it up on his way home from work. Blah.

Fortunately the Powers that Be must have determined that I had suffered enough. I got off work an hour early and was able to pick up the cat food before coming home. The cat has not come out since I have been home, since he usually sleeps all day (rough life). If he does venture out I will probably provide him with a little food to make up for my grievous neglect of the night before.
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Dog and Pony Show

So the new Sylvan building is pretty cool. The walls are all painted different colors (much better than the hospital green at the old center), there is a room dedicated to the Beginning Readers, and a large group instruction room for Study Skills and the like. We are all settling into the new building nicely. Many of the kinks have been worked out and procedure changes have been made, a few for the better.

Last week the instructors were informed that corporate would be visiting this week Monday - Wednesday. That means we need to dress "professionally" (no shorts, jeans, etc.). Although Sylvan shirts, including the very bright tie-dye ones, are fine.

It's kind of funny to watch everyone rushing around, trying to make everything perfect for the visit. I guess as an instructor I don't really feel the same pressure as the Directors and Leads, but I'm not worried. Our center has generally received good marks. Of course, there is always room for improvement.

When I think about it, it's hard to believe I have worked there as long as I have. Five years! I have outlasted four Directors and more instructors than I care to count. On that note, this job has given me the opportunity to work with some truly outstanding teachers. I always said that when I got a full time teaching job I would leave Sylvan. That was two-plus years ago and I am still there, due in large part to the current directors (including one who actually left earlier this year). They have truly made the center a wonderful place to work!